Ep 4 with Leigha May – moving from side hustle to your own business

“A candidate can forgive you for not getting the job, but they’ll never forget how you made them feel. So if we can keep that authentic connection throughout the recruiting process, that’s how people are going to leave a great impression of you, whether they got the job or not.”

In this episode of the Talent Tango, we’re speaking to Leigha May. Leigha is a Los Angeles-based Certified Coach for life, spirit and career guidance. After spending an entire decade in the recruiting and HR space, Leigha launched her own practice in life and career coaching. Transitioning from her work at big-names like The Honest Company, Omaze, and SpaceX, Leigha is now focusing full-time on her coaching practice. She’s dedicated to supporting men and women to create the lives they crave!

Want to learn how YOU can turn your side hustle into your 9 to 5?

Throughout this podcast, you’ll hear how Leigha moved from in-house talent acquisition and HR to running her own, full-time business. 

During this episode, Leigha shares how her unique, people-centric recruiting and HR strategies paved the way to building her own life and career coaching business. Listen in to learn how Leigha leverages her talent acquisition experience to shape and improve people’s career trajectory, and their lives, on a daily basis:

  • What it’s like to recruit across industries (1:51)
  • How Leigha’s side hustle became her full-time gig (4:57)
  • Why every client deserves a personalized approach (6:06)
  • It’s all about the people: how Leigha’s transition from recruiting to life and career coaching made sense (7:45)
  • Leveraging authenticity to shake up recruiting norms (11:16)
  • The key to progress in the recruiting industry (14:36)
  • Making smart career choices: how Leigha helps clients look at the bigger picture (16:17)
  • Leigha’s No.1 marketing tip for people running their own business (18:20)
  • When career advice becomes life advice (23:09)

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