Why do recruiters post fake jobs?

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Beware of recruiters posting fake jobs

You would think applying to a job is applying to a job? Right? But a lot of recruiting agencies will post fake jobs to simply aggregate candidates! I am an outsider to the recruiting industry…while I own an agency…I am in the end, a technologist. As a result, I am really interested in helping create and forge a new identity for agency recruitment. It starts by weeding out the poor practices that many agencies are guilty of.

One thing that plagues my industry is the use of dummy or fake jobs.

What is a fake job, you ask?

The name says it all: it’s a position that a recruiting company posts and invites people to apply for… simply for the sake of applying. There isn’t a real client behind the job. So the candidate really is just applying to a fake or dummy job. I know !

Why are recruiters posting fake jobs?!

Well, for recruiters, there are a few reasons why you would see a recruiting agency do that: They could be starting to build a candidate pool anticipated roles they’re about to acquire. That is a fair reason to start building a pipeline (albeit, using a more deceptive strategy). But for the most part, they are trying to collect resumés, and of course, points of contact that people wouldn’t ordinarily give out to 3rd party recruiters: their e-mails and phone numbers. In addition, by getting these resumés, they easily dig into peoples’ backgrounds. After all, resumés tend to be bulkier than LinkedIn profiles.

So what is the point of posting fake jobs?

Well, candidates who submit their details to these jobs indicate that they are on a job search. Furthermore, if the candidate is actively interviewing, then the recruiter wants to know where. Why? To get the names of the managers involved in the interview processes … all in the hopes of getting a lead on hiring managers they could try and sell services their services to. Or they will ask about the current company a candidate works for — hoping to again land a manager’s name to be able to cold call.

What do we do at Elevano

I dislike dummy jobs. I mean, who wants to get their hopes up in applying for a fake job? If we post a job, it’s because we have a role. We want to attract candidates with the quality of our copy. Often, that means launching disclosed campaigns where candidates already know the name of the company they’re applying to. It goes back to my philosophy that candidates are a top priority in recruiting. Yes, this industry is sales-driven, but when the commodity you’re dealing with is actual people, more care has to be taken.

And the whole, “let’s drill down on people to get hiring managers’ names” is very old school. Between LinkedIn and public job postings, we all know ways into a company without hassling the people who could become our candidates. Manager names and details are out there if you look for them. Sure, we might miss out on some stuff not posted anywhere, but on the flip side, our candidates love us for our transparency.

What can candidates do  when they suspect a fake job?

I feel for you,  it’s hard! How do you differentiate a company with these dummy jobs vs. a company working on a valid and live opening?

I’d say look at some of the reviews out there for the company. Try to find some social proof. Go to a company’s Glassdoor page to find out more. Also, look for signs that the company has some legitimate brand. Not all agencies are created equal, but there are honest ones out there. Make sure you follow some

I am always available to help if you are suspicious of a job posting. Feel free to contact me!


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