In this episode of The Talent Tango, I had the pleasure of speaking to Gem Garcia. 

Gem is the Founder of Spectrum Talent Management Consulting. Spectrum is dedicated to providing “holistic consulting to early stage startups”. This includes developing a unique brand identity and company culture to attract exactly the right talent for that business. 

Gem’s consulting process begins by asking the all-important question, “Who are you?”, something she picked up in her twenty years of agency and in-house recruiting. You’ll hear more about how Gem leverages this focus on branding and culture to develop ultra personalized talent acquisition strategies for her clients. 

For Gem, building out teams aren’t just about filling roles quickly. In this episode, you’ll learn how Gem’s talent acquisition strategies focus on creating “teams that become families.” Listen in to hear more about how Gem uses this approach to give high-growth startups an edge against their Bay Area competitors. This includes focusing on selling a company’s projects and achievements instead of their perks, moving away from metrics-driven recruiting and developing detailed and thought-out D&I practices. 

If you want to get in touch with Gem, reach out to her via LinkedIn: