Ep 3 with Brendan Orf (Manager of Talent Acquisition, Bullhorn) – global hiring with a distributed team

Brendan Orf is the Manager of Talent Acquisition at Bullhorn, which is a leading cloud computing company that helps staffing and recruiting organizations transform their businesses.

I loved my chat with Brendan. He has a fantastic enthusiasm for the industry, and you can tell he has a strong desire to succeed.

He started his career off in the agency space before shifting into corporate roles.

For the last two years, Brendan has been responsible for managing Bullhorn’s global talent acquisition team. He has nine distributed direct reports. His team is hiring across multiple time zones.

We could have kept talking for hours, but we did cover some interesting topics in this conversation. Here are some of the highlights of this episode:

  • The passion for impacting people’s lives
  • Taking medical leave and coming back to meet a new report on his team
  • Hiring across the United States, UK, and Australia – and how to line it all up
  • Trusting your recruiting team is the only way to succeed
  • Managing expectations are different depending on what location you are recruiting for

Hopefully, I can have him back on again to talk about global hiring and scaling teams!

You can connect with Brendan Orf on LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/bullhornrecruiter/