In this episode of The Talent Tango, we’re speaking to Brandon Sligh. 

Brandon is the Director of Recruiting at HOVER Inc. They’re a San Francisco-based tech company that leverages smartphone cameras to create accurate and measured 3D models of any home. 

Brandon boasts over a decade of experience in talent acquisition. He got his start on the agency side before transitioning in-house to work for companies like Scribd, MongoDB, and Sift. With experience in both individual contributor and leadership roles, Brandon has seen success supporting the rapid growth of engineering, sales, marketing, and G&A organizations.

Brandon’s story gives you an insight into what the transition from agency recruiting to in-house is really like: including how third-party recruiting taught Brandon the ‘foundations’ of the industry, and the lessons he took with him when he went internal. In this episode, you’ll also hear how Brandon is running recruiting at a booming startup, the challenges of recruiting other recruiters, and his thoughts on the state of diversity and inclusion in Silicon Valley.

If you want to get in touch with Brandon, please reach out to him on LinkedIn: