Interviewing With A Startup vs. An Established Company

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Interviewing With A Startup vs. An Established Company

Hey. This is Amir from Elevano. Wanted to just compare at a high level the difference between interviewing for the startup or an established larger company. Obviously, the first thing you’re going to know the difference is just the formality of processes. The more established company will just have more people and processes to work through. The startup, the co-founder might be involved pretty early. If it’s a mid-stage startup, you might have a conversation with the CEO to wrap things up, whereas, at a large 1,000 plus company, you probably aren’t talking to the CEO or anybody in the C suite while you’re interviewing. I’d say a lot more of the interview activity will be team based in larger companies. And obviously, you’ve got different managers and the hierarchy of managers to deal with versus a flatter structure in a startup.

Some major takeaways:

  1. Typically a startup will have fewer rounds of interviews. So Google will have you go through multiple rounds of interviews. A startup will typically have a few rounds including an onsite.
  2. In an interview with a startup company, you will more than likely meet one of the co-founders. Make sure you have done some research into the co-founder.
  3. Either way, make sure you are comfortable with the team you will be working with.

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