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I’m always willing to share more about how I’m bringing innovation to the recruitment industry with a unique strategy that combines business intelligence with digital marketing and content creation. 

Why You Should Work With Me

Doing recruitment differently means developing a unique, actionable strategy. For almost a decade, I’ve leveraged my technical background to deliver industry-defying, personalized services to my clients and candidates. Combined with a stellar digital marketing and SEO strategy and I’ve learned to grow my recruiting company in a way that sets me apart from all the rest in this industry. 

About Me

I’m Amir Bormand, the Co-Founder of Elevano (a California-based recruitment company). I’m unique to the recruiting industry because I’m a former engineer — and could still jot out a few lines of code! I’ve seen the technical recruiting game from both sides. During my engineering career, I constantly saw agency recruiters take shortcuts and use deceptive practices all for their own benefit.

There’s no handbook on how to run a recruiting agency. That’s why a lot of poor practices are popular in this industry. It’s also why I decided I needed to do recruiting differently. The goal for my business was simple – if you work with us then it should be clearly obvious that we don’t work like the rest of the industry.

Currently, I encourage a candidate-centric approach to every aspect of business. My overriding desire is to smash the negative stigma left by current industry practices, and replace them with a more transparent, honest and empathetic service offering.

Now, I’m ready to share that experience with YOU!

Whether it’s as a guest on your podcast, web series or socials, a speaker at your company event, or as a consultant, I can tell you how I’ve achieved the following in my business:

  • Leveraging technology in recruiting (automation)
  • Personalization and candidate research
  • Transparency in recruiting
  • Implement servant leadership practices to run my recruiting business
  • Market research to inform digital marketing strategy and content
  • Leveraging social proof to attract new clients and candidates



From recruiting, to business strategy, to digital marketing and SEO, I’ve been a guest on podcasts covering a wide range of topics and industries. As heard on: Resumé Storyteller, Staying Alive UK, Top Advisor Marketing


My own web series on recruitment and HR strategy features tons of lessons and tips on how to succeed in the world of talent acquisition. I’m always willing to share these insights on your own web series or webinars.


Do you have an upcoming event at your company? Whether it’s in-person or dialed-in, I’m ready to share my expertise on business intelligence and strategy. Learn more about how I apply BI practices to non-technical settings!

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