Digital Marketing x Recruiting

By | April 15th, 2019 | Comments

Something that’s just not obvious when it comes to digital content in recruiting is that the audience might be consuming it, yet they might not be actually engaging with it.

What I mean is that most professionals are hesitant to like or interact with a recruiter’s post because they don’t want that interaction to be a signal to others that they might be looking for jobs.

So, as recruiters, we have a challenge to actually track the metrics of how positive our social media posts have been.

Personally, I’ve gotten a lot of people who have reached out and commented on my content. I would never have assumed that these people were actually consuming my content, because they don’t engage with the actual posts.

I get dozens of forms of direct engagement, but it’s not always shows on my posts. For the most part it’s because people are telling me the same thing: CTOs down to individual contributors say, “Hey, I like what you’re saying. But if I comment, it might signal to my employer that I’m looking for another job, and I don’t want to do that.”

BUT they also say:

“When I am looking, I’m going to reach out. Or if it’s for potential sales opportunities, they do reach out and ask about the opportunities and services we offer.”

So I think the engagement is there. You just have to kind of look at it differently. This kind of investment is far different than just saying, “Hey, I’m going to post a picture of a puppy and I’m going to get 15,000 likes or 100,000 views and it’s going to go viral.”

But that’s not really the essence of content. If it’s really hitting on expertise, IP and value: you are bringing that, and I think that content will resonate more than that click or thumb stop when someone likes your content.

At the moment, I think that’s the long tail of recruitment, at least with the agency side, right now. Digital marketing is tricky, and for recruiters it has its own challenges. Understanding how recruitment and digital work together will set you and your business up for success.

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